Reasons to Explore the Chitkara Career Expo 2024

Interact with University Deans and Heads

Engage in meaningful conversations with esteemed Deans and Heads of Universities, gaining valuable insights into academic paths and opportunities that lay ahead.

Hands-on Activities

Experience practical aspects of various career fields through interactive activities. These hands-on activities aim to provide a glimpse into the real-world application of skills and knowledge.

Opportunities Abroad

Explore global opportunities for higher education and career prospects. Learn about international study programmes, exchange opportunities, and avenues for expanding horizons beyond borders.

Undertake Psychometric Tests

Gain a deeper understanding of strengths, interests, and aptitudes through psychometric tests. This valuable tool can assist in making informed decisions regarding suitable career paths.

Pre-board Analysis

Receive insights into the academic progress with pre-board analysis. Understand strengths and areas that may require attention, contributing to informed decision-making about future educational endeavours.

Gateway to Chitkara University

After grade 12, get direct entry into the nationally top ranked engineering and other programs.